“In the Footsteps of History “– The new podcast series of the Liberation Route Europe

We are delighted to finally release our latest Liberation Route Europe project initiative – the Podcast Series “In the Footsteps of History“. This new audio experience is designed to accompany listeners on their journey along the most fascinating and historically relevant landmarks on the Liberation Route, helping them immerse themselves in the WWII history of remembrance sites across Europe. 

Together with the French audio production company natif. and thanks to the contributions and support of the LRE network, we have created a new format for historical reflection and learning. The podcast uses a lively soundtrack to illustrate the wartime experience in various forms. From the sofa or on location, the podcast allows listeners to immerse themselves in the rich WWII history around us. The podcast is designed to be a companion for those hiking or biking along the trails and actively exploring the remembrance sites and as a documentary for those who want to experience it from the comfort of their homes.

In the first five episodes of the series, listeners are transported to Bastogne and some of its numerous Second World War sites, where they are immersed in the conflict through conversations with historians, eyewitnesses and through the extracts of stories and letters from people who lived through that time.

Hosted by the British journalist Rich Woodruff, the Bastogne series takes listeners on a historical journey through time. Along the way, the experience is enriched by interviews with Peter Schrijvers, Historian and curator of the Liberation Garden Museum in LeopoldsburgMathieu Billa, Director of the Bastogne War Museum, and Henry Mignon, an eyewitness of the battle. Additionally, the podcast includes the story of a German soldier and the nurse Renée Lemaire, offering a diverse engagement with the events in Bastogne from different perspectives.

We’re happy to welcome this new addition to our Liberation Route Europe project and look forward to seeing it grow, covering more stories and remembrance sites across Europe.

If you want to dive into the podcast, you can find the first episodes on the major streaming platforms.

Read more about the project and how to get involved at www.lre-foundation.org/podcast