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LRE United Kingdom is a network organisation of members and partners throughout the United Kingdom that share a united mission to preserve and to promote the history and heritage of the Second World War.


Currently the members of the LRE UK are: D-Day Story (Portsmouth) and the International Bomber Command Centre (Lincoln).

Our partners include: The Battle of Britain Bunker (Uxbridge), Bawdsey Radar Trust, Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum, Parham Arfield and Ramblers Lincolnshire (chapter of Ramblers UK).

How to join

LRE United Kingdom is a growing organisation that welcomes new members throughout the UK. Membership is open to non-profit organisations such as museums, local and regional governments, tourism boards, associations, research and education organisations, etc. For-profit companies and travel trade operators can sign ad hoc partnerships with the LRE Foundation.

Membership in the international LRE network is included with the national membership.

Network & Travel Trade

The LRE has developed a travel trade approach in the European and North American industry  and several partnerships to promote the Liberation Route Europe, working as an intermediary for its partners (museums, tourism boards etc.) and the travel trade industry. The LRE is a valuable knowledge centre in the remembrance tourism sector, thanks to years of experience and a large network of members and strong partnerships – including tour operators, educational travel operators, online travel companies, guided tours organisations, etc.

The Tour&Travel Guide is the ultimate tool to inspire travel trade operators to include the Liberation Route Europe in their own tours and packages. Map-based country booklets tell the stories and mark the key remembrance sites in Europe , and a general booklet provides detailed information about the travel trade activities of the LRE Foundation.

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