LRE United Kingdom engages in several projects and activities with a focus on remembrance and education.

The Liberation Route Europe, and its British component ‘Liberation Route United Kingdom’, is a certified Cultural Route of the Council of Europe that connects people, places, and events to mark Europe’s liberation from occupation during World War II and to reflect on the long-lasting consequences and history of the war through a multi-national, multi-perspective approach. With hundreds of sites and stories in nine European countries, the route links the main regions along the advance of the Allied Forces in 1939-1945.

LRE United Kingdom aims to develop the route in the UK by showcasing the various airfields, camps, and other historic locations that played a role in the Allied preparations of the liberation of Europe. A second major aim will also to tell the British civilian experience during the war from a multitude of perspectives. 

In order to make the route a physical part of the British landscape, LRE UK, in cooperation with the LRE Foundation and its partners in Britain, are working to develop trails and routes that will allow new ways to experience the Liberation Route by hiking, walking, and cycling. The routes will pass numerous historical locations and tell stories told from a multitude of perspectives that tell the history of the United Kingdom during the Second World War.

Renowned architect Daniel Libeskind has designed a symbolic family of trail markers called the ‘Vectors of Memory’ that will honour people, places, and stories found throughout the British landscape.


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Europe Remembers is the premier European remembrance tourism destination brand that brings together commemorative sites and events in a collaborative, inspirational travel portal. As a unique brand, Europe Remembers seeks to create a global commitment to preserve history and eyewitness memories for future generations.

As a platform, Europe Remembers enables diverse communities to reflect on the complex heritage of World War II from multiple historical perspectives. The aim is to teach, to share experiences, and to encourage mutual understanding of our shared past. With fewer eyewitnesses each passing year, Europe Remembers seeks actively to promote new ways of commemorating and remembering World War II for the future.

Since May 2019, the Europe Remembers team has gone “On Tour” to visit important sites and regions marked by World War II in the United Kingdom. At each location, interviews with eyewitnesses, historians, and other individuals bring us closer to the personal stories and histories that dot the country.

Since 2017, the LRE Forum is an annual three-part event organised by the LRE Foundation comprising of the LRE Conference, the LRE Gala, and the LREXPO.

The LRE Conference serves to inform, to inspire, and to connect all the LRE Foundation’s members, network, stakeholders, and the general public. Included is an update on the LRE Foundation’s activities, upcoming projects, and interesting in-depth keynotes or panel discussions.

The LREXPO is thematic trade show that showcases the many European destinations sharing the heritage and experiences of World War II. Each year representatives from remembrance sites, museums, and tourism destinations network with the travel trade stakeholders to offer unique tourism products and to form partnerships to reach a broader international audience.

The LRE Gala is a special event for the members of the LRE
Foundation, its key partners and sponsors. The evening’s activities include networking opportunities, inspiring guest speakers as well a new members’ ceremony.


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