Europe Remembers – Working towards the 80th anniversary of the end of the Second World War

On September 13, LRE Foundation Managing Director Rémi Praud and Communications Manager Cecilia Badano presented plans to renew the Europe Remembers campaign in a live stream. Intending to relaunch Europe Remembers on the occasion of the commemorations for the 80th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in 2023-2025, the Foundation organised this presentation to explore with its key partners and members its ideas and possible future developments of the campaign.

Initially launched as an international project targeted around the 75th anniversary in 2019-2020, Europe Remembers aims to create a centralised European platform for the multitude of commemorations and destinations linked to the end of WWII. Europe Remembers campaign is meant to honour those whose lives were touched by the conflict, raise awareness among the public around the events and commemorations organised, and reflect on the lessons that this war left behind.

The Europe Remembers website is designed to be a collaborative platform where partners are invited to submit their events. Here, the public will be able to find all the commemorations, events and exhibitions organised for the 80th anniversary, suggestions for visits and various historical content. 

A marketing campaign will also be organised to raise awareness around the 80th-anniversary milestone. The message LREF intends to disseminate is as simple as important: history is all around us, in every region and city in Europe, in our neighbourhoods, and among our friends and family.

During the online presentation, Rémi Praud stressed the collaborative nature of this international campaign and the several levels of involvement possible for the Foundation’s members and partners. The possibilities are plenty, from co-branding your initiatives with the campaign logo to organising your own ‘Europe Remembers’ project.


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The German Federal Government supports the LRE Foundation for the third year in a row

The LRE Foundation has recently received a new grant from the German Federal Government, following the decision to continue the financial support in 2022. The signature took place on Wednesday, 27 July, at the German Embassy in The Hague, the Netherlands, in the presence of Ambassador Dr. Cyrill Nunn and LRE Foundation Managing Director Rémi Praud.

With this signature, the German Federal Government ensures its support to the Liberation Route Europe project for the third year in a row. The past grants have been crucial for the creation, launch and expansion of the international hiking trails system in the footsteps of the Allies forces (including the launch event in July 2021 in Berlin and the installation of over a hundred Floor ‘Vectors of Memory’ in Europe), the development of the Liberation Route Europe website and mobile application, and the realisation of educational and marketing materials, such as videos and brochures, to bring the project to a larger public in Europe and North America.

The 2022 grant will make it possible to further develop the Liberation Route Europe trails by researching new historical content, new modes to experience the route and installing more ‘Vectors of memory’ trail markers. Moreover, the LRE Foundation aims to engage with new international partners to involve new regions and storylines in the current network and works to build even more awareness among the European and North American public.  

“We would like to thank again the German Federal Government for their renewed commitment to endorse the Liberation Route Europe’s mission and values.”, said Rémi Praud, LREF Managing Director, “In the past year, the route has grown into a European-wide remembrance project, and an example of meaningful sustainable tourism that we hope will be able to inspire more and more cultural institutions. This additional grant is crucial because it allows us to seek new partners and stories to bring to our growing audience”.